Ice Cream Dipping Cabinet Freezer
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Ice Cream Dipping Cabinet Freezer
DSL-1.5 Ice Cream Cabinet Freezer



1. More than 16 plates, double compressor unit, adopting original Danfoss or ASPERA brand
Under 16 plates, single compressor unit, energy saving, ultra-quiet stable operation.
2. Microcomputer intelligent temperature control technology, indicate inside temperature.
3. Air cooling circulation, thicken copper cube cooling system, durable use.
4. Arc/curved glass, 3-layer glass and it is hollow between each 2 layers, invisible thermal fuse, automatic defrogging, excellent display effect.
5. Transparent insulation side glass, environmental insulation material for whole structure, eco-friendly and energy-saving.
6. Hollow glass transparent sliding door , insulation glass, aluminum material for all-round rail,luxurious and durable design.
7. T5 water-proof LED light for each layer. Standard warm light colour or optional color for customer, safe and reliable.
8. -18~-24 degree C temperature range, adjustable temperature for customer’s real need.




Model Name Dimesion(L*W*H)(mm) Temp


Capacity(L) Pan size(L*W*H)(mm) Pan Voltage
DSL-1.2 Ice cream showcase 1320*1150*1260 -22℃ 400 1100 360*162*120 12 220V-240V   /110V-140V
DSL-1.5 Ice cream showcase 1670*1150*1260 -22℃ 520 1250 360*162*120 16 220V-240V   /110V-140V
DSL-1.8 Ice cream showcase 2020*1150*1260 -22℃ 620 1800 360*162*120 20 220V-240V   /110V-140V

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