DC-300 Glass door Ice Merchandiser
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DC-300 Glass door Ice Merchandiser
DC-300 Glass door Ice Merchandiser
painted galvanized
Polyurethane foam
Glass door have LED Lamp
Automatic defrost

DC-300 Glass door Ice Merchandiser

*Material: Painted galvanized steel foamed in polyurethane insultation

*Temperature: -12~-5C

*Compressor: ASPERA

*Refrigerant: R134a CFC free

*Automatic defrost and cold wall refrigeration system

*Ice storage bin with digital temperature control

* handle, easy to open and bring out ice, convenient handle for operation

* door with gasket for good seal.

* can paste your company logo sticker on the  ICE Storage Bin top &two sides

1。 Temperature: -5 C or -12 degrees as requested, it can be changed as customer requirement。

2. Door: with heavy duty hinge,Solid door or glass door is optional

3. Fan cooling system with Automatic defrost , cold wall refrigeration system is optional.  

4. Heavy duty caster wheel to make the  freezer easily to move, bullet feet is optional

5. Voltage and frequency can be changed as customer’s requirement.

No. of Doors 1
Cu.Ft: 30
Bags (8 lbs.) 100
Dimension 36*30*78(inch)
915 x 765 x 1980(mm)
Solid Door

26 w X 44 h(inch)


Cold Wall Wt 290
Auto Def Wt 300
Compressor 1/4 hp
Cold Wall Amperage 4.5
Auto Def. Amperage 4.8


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