A glass of wine
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Wine is the product of the nature and the agriculture. Every day, the winegrower scan the sky hoping the sun will bring the perfect dose to make his grapes ripened.

When the time of the grape harvest comes, every parcel needs to be collected. Every day, the winegrower inspects and tastes his vine’s grapes in order to get the optimal ripeness.

The red grapes then entered the vat for starting the fermentation. The winegrower needs to work hard and to watch continuously this crucial step.

Once wine gets its beautiful ruby red color, we let the juice get out of the vats and we press the last entire grapes.

In the same time, white grapes had been pressed and fermented. For whites as for reds, the winegrower tastes every day his vats for checking the development of his wine.

Once the fermentation is finished, wines are casked and start the long maturation in oak barrels.

When wine is made and when the winegrower has nothing more to bring to his wine, it is bottled. Then wine starts its new life.

In its youth or after long years spent to wait in a cellar, the winegrower works every day for the time you will open the bottle. So take a glass of wine and enjoy it!


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